Snapchat Hack

I’m writing this post to clarify some things and to try and calm down what is alot of fear mongering about the “Snapchat hack”, first of all what was stolen was simply usernames and phone numbers tied to those usernames.

Now you might be thinking OMG OMG OMG my phone number has been stolen. Stop and think for a minute have you every provided your phone number to Facebook for example? If so chances are your number is already on the internet. A phone number is easily obtained, sure this makes it easier but its not something to worry about. The worst someone can do with your phone number is send you spam texts or prank call you. The worst they can do with your Snapchat username is add you as a friend or send you Snapchats. If your still worried about your username being stolen please go to and check to see if your username was one of the 4.8 million stolen.

Which brings me on to another point, Snapchat has about 300 million users according to figures I found with a quick google search for the sake of this example assume the 300 million figure is correct that would mean only 1.6% of users information was stolen. Theres a high possiblity your username was not on the list of users that had their information stolen.

I do accept that any theft of this nature is unacceptable especially considering Snapchat was supposedly warned about the vulnerabilities but its not something you should loose any sleep over.